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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Milly Tat and Her Cat

   One of my classes this quarter is Book Illustration, its a fun class but publishing a book in 10 weeks is tough. We are self publishing through blurb.com, which is kinda exciting and I believe it will be available for purchase from what I understand. Anyways, I thought about my book subject for months over Christmas break, wondering what to do. I came up with a two ideas I liked, but on the first day of class I found out I needed 3 proposals. Randomly I remembered this cute children s book that my older sister and brother wrote and illustrated for me when I was younger and had my mom overnight it to me so I could use it as my third proposal. I really hadn't wanted to do a children s book originally, which is why I took "Book Illustration" instead of "Children s Book Illustration" but it was a really solid idea and the class enjoyed it. My other choices were good, but one idea I couldn't use because of copyrights and the other needed to be written so it would have taken me more time and I'm taking 3 studio classes this quarter so time is something I don't have. I changed the story up a bit and added a few more pages too but its basically the same. Visually the book is going to consist of very cutesy illustrations. Its called "Milly Tat and Her Cat", which I changed from "A Bat In A Hat". The main character is named Milly Tat, I based her very loosely after my sister when she was a little girl. Here is a sketched I cleaned up of what she looks like.

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  1. Hi, I've just found your blog and will be eagerly waiting to see what Milly Tat and Her Cat get up to!

  2. So far so good. It's been awesome watching the creative process for this book. I'm excited for the finished product. :)