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Sunday, March 20, 2011


 Its been a little while since I've posted any work (No posting due to finals), and I should be posting some new work but with my previous school quarter finally over, I'm looking forward to my next quarter because I'll be taking a Collage Illustration class. I want to see what collage has to offer, I really love the whole concept of it. Maybe its because I'm one of those people that saves interesting papers, textures, and patterns for no reason. I hope you don't see me on one of those hoarders shows in the future, separating my colored papers into piles so people can walk through my house.
    Anyways, Last summer I did a collage piece that I think turned out nicely. I wish I had pictures of the finished project because after the stage that you see it in here I had added a beautiful crackling varnish to it in a nice crimson color that really made the whole piece pop. The piece is constructed with Textured paper, coffee stains, an image transfers of some bugs I had drawn, and a fly block print that I carved and stamped. There is also a little watercolor thrown in. I'm going to try and get a nice scan of the varnish stage on here soon because I think that's what really made the piece come together.

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-zoomed in area-

Maybe I'll get a few nice pieces out of this class, If anything it will be a fun class to take while I'm busting my ass in portfolio. Also, "Milly Tat and Her Cat", The children s book I just did for my book illustration class is finished. I chose to make it a Mock book due to time. I was trying to finish it while I was in two other studio classes and it just wasn't going to happen. So, we had the choice of just coloring the 3 double page spreads and working the other pages up to a finished sketch or inked page. The mock book is kind of a book I can send out that shows the possibilities of a finished children s book from me. I'll try and get a link up to it this week so you can preview it.
Until next time,
Braxton Garris


  1. Like the collage work. Have to admit that collage work, while not something I've worked with much, is intriguing to me. Agree with you about the textures.

  2. im a big fan of the collage work to. have done somthing simular myself to. great stuff

  3. Wow I love it the textures are amazing. Beautiful work.

  4. Amazingly beautiful works...keep it up!
    I like the collage work. Have to enroll that collage work.
    Sounds & looks the ideal place to go to work.