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Monday, January 31, 2011


 I did these vignettes awhile back, I thought I would post them to break up the two digital art pieces I just posted with some traditional work. Even though they are simple Vignettes I thought they would be a great example of two things. One, my recently acquired aesthetic of print-like qualities. For example; miss prints, broken lines, and limited color pallets. Something about human error in printing that makes each piece one of a kind really appeals to me. Two being that my artwork is very stylistically versatile. I'm currently working on getting a style together that my portfolio can focus on. However, the past year I have been experimenting in many styles and techniques which has really confused me artistically. So, if you continue to follow my blog, maybe you will see my signature style start to develop. The thing I like the most about this piece is how simple and graphic the line work is mixed with the off centered stencil-print for colors. I actually used a sponge to color it and it gave it an interesting texture. I have some block prints that I've done over the past year in experimenting that have also been a big inspiration in the direction I'm currently taking my artwork, I'll try and post those soon too. Anyways here they are, I grouped them together and made them smaller to make it easier for you to view here. I believe you can click the image to enlarge it though.


P.S. two more things... Yes all of the artwork I'm posting is mine from beginning to end, its all done by me. That's why I've put the copy write across them, because I don't want them to somehow appear elsewhere and I also haven't put a signature on some. So, hopefully you can look past the writing across the images, it doesn't appear on the original of course and yes I know you guys are not that dumb but I thought why not clear it up. lol. Also I am working on my first children s book!! Its for my book illustration class, but we are going to be self publishing through blurb.com!! hopefully I get it completed or at least presentable as a dummy book I could send out to possible employers. regardless, its exciting! Its a remake of a book my sister and brother wrote and illustrated for me when we all were little, originally titled "Bat in a Hat", now its called "Milly Tat and her Cat". Its a very cute rhyming story that means a lot to me and my family. I'll post some sketches and work for it eventually here, but it will be on sale through blurb.com for anyone to pruchase in less than 7 weeks!!!! Exciting and Scary!!!! Untill next time...

-Braxton Scott Garris


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