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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New Year In Motion

So, the year 2012 has begun... the Myan's believe its our last, I like to think on the positive side of things and have to strongly disagree, I think its going to be a great year and the beginning of more great years to come, it certainly started out fabulous in the clubs of downtown Denver on New Years Eve! New Places, New Friends, New good times to be had! Anyways to keep the positivity ball rolling... I was playing around with animated Gif's a little, since I do believe the future of illustration is "illustration in motion". For example check out this illustrated version of Alice In Wonderland for the IPAD. I think the whole idea of it sounds fun, new, and interesting.

Here is my go at something similar...
I used a piece I did awhile back thats currently in my portfolio.

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If the image does not animate for you, hopefully you can then view it by clicking the link below. Or if it does not repeat itself in animation (not sure why it doesn't go in repeat all the time), you can always just refresh the page in the browser of the linked page and it should reanimate.
Animated Illustration Direct Link

I had fun doing this little gif, I'd love to start doing more for fun so i can get better. I wanted to put it on my homepage of my website, but my host site won't allow any images besides Jpg's. Any ideas on how i could get around that? Anyways, as always your comments and questions are welcomed.


  1. possible solution is to find a free service that allows animated gif hotlinking, possibly tiny url?

    selecting loop option will keep the gif moving -


  2. http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=14ugjlc&s=5

  3. wow... thank you very much! I'll check it out.